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Through our Prophetic “Blueprint System” and by implementing our K7X™ Principal we have developed: 

A 5-Step Process to Accomplish Your Goals, Dreams, Vision and

Kingdom-Preneur: A Kingdom-Preneur is both a King and Priest (King-Priest) who is a Son or Daughter of GOD who feels summoned, called, chosen, and sent by GOD outside the “4 Walls” of the Church, beyond Servant Leadership and Traditional Christianity and into the Marketplace in Order to Create Wealth and Take Dominion Within their Sphere of Influence, as God’s Royal Gatekeeper!


If you have NO DESIRE to become rich, wealthy, successful and you are SATISIFIED just going to church, working a job and are ok with your current lifestyle, please click off the page!

for your “Marketplace Mandate” as a “Son or Daughter of God” and Take Dominion in Your Domain and within your Sphere of Influence, through your Business or Career as Gods “Royal Gatekeeper” and take advantage of this “Change Your Life Forever System™,”

and after 35 years, God has revealed to us a “Prophetic Blueprint” to shorten your learning curve, through what we have identified and call the K7X™ Principal!

As a Result, from the COVID-19 Pandemic the Data and Statistics Prove:

The Church and its Senior Pastors Had No Answers in the Midst of Chaos!

The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming the American Nightmare!

This COVID-19 Financial Aftermath Crisis Could Be Worse than 2008 and Last Longer than 8 Years!

Middle-Class Annual Income Earners of $90,000 - $200,000 Will Probably Be Wiped Out!

Millions of Middle-Class Employees Will Lose their Jobs and Will Become, Displaced Professionals!

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in American History, Called the “The Great Reset” Where $120 Trillion 
   will Be Transferred into the Hands of Kingdom-Preneurs or OPPORTUNIST and Not Employees!

Albert Einstein said that you CANNOT solve a problem on the same level where the problem was created!

You DO NOT have the power to solve your own problems, someone must challenge you to change, or you will:



Make Excuses!

Apostle Dr. Craig and Prophet Dr. Darlene Ponder, started their first business in February 1988, after being saved for only 2 months and with no money, no equipment and no real experience in 6 years had 9 employees, 6 work trucks and grossed over $1 Million only working 3-4 days a week (pre-internet days) During a Recession and they Have NEVER Been Paid by a W-2 Income and have Become Successful Kingdom Millionaires by the Revelation that God Has Entrusted to them and by Solving PROBLEMS for other people!

Dr. Craig A. Ponder Sr., Ph.D., CKO, CEA, CFWC, CKC, CKT, is a SUCCESSFUL ordained Apostle and ACCOMPLISHED Entrepreneur for over 46 years, he holds 12 Professional Designations, a Doctorate of Ministry (D.Min.) in Biblical Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Theology with an emphasis in Economics. He is also a Kingdomologist, published Author, Financial Educator, Disruptor, MindShift Strategist, Business Success Coach, Tax Reduction Expert, a John C. Maxwell Certified Teacher, Trainer, Coach and Speaker and the Chancellor of KDI.

Prophet Dr. Darlene Ponder, is an ordained Prophet, an Intercessor and she has a Doctorate of Ministry (D. Min) in Biblical Studies and holds two professional designations, as a Certified Kingdom Teacher (CKT) and a Certified Kingdom Coach (CKC). She is also the President of both Kingdom Development Institute and Kingdom Generation International, Inc. (KGI) which is a Kingdom Community Ekklesia 501(c)3. She is also the founder of Women of His Kingdom, “Who Are Also Women of Influence.”

Prophet Darlene’s mandate is imparting how to enjoy “Kingdom Living” and that you too can have and live Heaven on Earth! She states, “It's not a religion, but knowing your role and your rights in the Kingdom of God.” 

Prophet Darlene is a powerful intercessor and is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside and operates in a greater degree of discernment then most. It was because of her prophetic decrees and prayers that led to the immediate salvation and deliverance of her husband Apostle Dr. Craig, over 34 years ago. 

She loves being married and being with her family, and sates “I am God's Prophet that stands for righteousness and Holiness, and I live life to the fullest!” She hates poverty, abuse, ignorance, sin, and delay when it comes to God’s promises and blessings for the people of God.

Apostle Dr. Craig and Prophet Dr. Darlene Ponder, are also the founders of Kingdom Generation International, Inc. (KGI) a 501 (c) Ekklesia, also founded in 1987, where they both operate as a Spiritual Mother and Father, a Shepherding Team, that provides covering, commissioning / ordination, and a Kingdom Community through Covenant Relationships.

Dr. Craig, and his beautiful wife Prophet Dr. Darlene, have been together since he was 19 years old or over 39 years now. Since 1987, as an Aquila and Priscilla Team (Power Couple), they have been successful in both business and in ministry at the same time, married and EQUIPPING leaders together. They believe and teach, that being both in business and in ministry at the same time, is called “Living in the Kingdom of God, through the Royal Priesthood as a King-Priest!” 
Together with their two sons, Dr. Craig A. Ponder Jr., CKP and Matthew Ponder, BS, CKL, who are also themselves Kingdom-Preneurs, Lectures and Financial Professionals. The Ponder Family has a mandate from God to Change the World, Become History Makers, and Advance the Kingdom of God, and are honored that God has chosen their family to be an example that others can follow.

The Ponder Family through their Accredited “Accelerated School of Business, With A Biblical Worldview” will help “Equip You Beyond Traditional Christianity and Servant Leadership,” so that you can discover your Life’s Purpose and fulfil your God-Given Destiny Quicker, Faster and Easier to Take Back America Through the Marketplace!
At KDI Our Goal Is to Certify, Commission and Equip 

If You Are Ready to Find Out:

How to Change Your Life Quicker, Faster and Easier!
INCREASE Your Annual Income to a High Six or Seven Figures!
The 5-Step Process to Accomplish Your Goals, Dreams and Vision!
What Are Your 3 Greatest Problems!
What Are the 3 Keys to Solve All of Your Problems!
What is the K7X™ Principal!
The 13-Stages to Become A Kingdom Millionaire!


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